Number of cars

Please enter the total number of passenger cars currently waiting in the queue to enter a checkpoint. If you cannot count the cars, please leave this field blank. [↑]

Queue length

If due to a large queue length you cannot count the number of cars, let us know the distance to the checkpoint in meters. The distance will be automatically converted into the number of cars

To be more accurate when finding out the distance to the checkpoint, use your GPS navigation device and the coordinates of the checkpoints:

МАПП Torfyanovka: 60°35′46.02″ с.ш. 27°54′45″ в.д. (60.596116 N, 27.912501 E)

МАПП Brusnichnoye: 60°55′57.2″ с.ш. 28°33′41.4″ в.д. (60.932555 N, 28.561501 E)

МАПП Svetogorsk: 61°7′24.61″ с.ш. 28°50′30.18″ в.д. (61.123503 N, 28.841717 E) [↑]

Torfyanovka 60.596116 N, 27.912501 E

Brusnichnoye 60.932555 N, 28.561501 E

Svetogorsk 61.123503 N, 28.841717 E [↑]

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